Labgrown Diamond Tiger Bracelet Bangle E/F VVS 14k Rose / Yellow / White Gold 150 gram


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  • Materials: Gold, Rose gold, White gold
  • Gemstone: Diamond
  • Jewellery style: Victorian
  • Can be personalised
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✥ Labgrown Diamond Tiger Bracelet Bangle 14k Solid Gold 150gr Lab Grown diamond Bracelet, 30.00 crt lab grown diamond Bracelet, Woman Gift

✥ Lab Diamond is also known as Lab Grown Diamond, CVD, HPHT, Green Diamond, Eco-Friendly Diamond, Man Made Diamond, etc.

● Description of Ring

✥ Stone Details

↣ Diamond Type: Lab Created Diamond / Lab Grown Diamond
↣ Shape: Round Diamond
↣ Gold: 150 Gram Aprox
↣ Carat: 30.00 Crt
↣ Color Clarity: VVS-EF / VS-FG
↣ Stone: Round Brillient Cut

✥ Information about CVD Diamond

This lab-created diamond is not an imitation stone like a Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite, this is a genuine, 100% real diamond, and there is no difference visually or chemically.
The only difference is that lab diamonds are grown in a laboratory rather mined from the earth. Lab-created diamonds are created in lab conditions, by mimicking natural processes.
Technically Lab Created Diamonds are exactly the same as natural diamonds. The chemical compound of lab-created diamonds is completely identical to the chemical compound of natural diamonds.

There are 2 kinds of LAB GROWN DIAMONDS. CVD Lab-grown diamonds and HPHT Lab-grown diamonds. The difference between the CVD and HPHT Lab Grown Diamond is the CVD Lab-grown diamond will react to a diamond detector pen and the HPHT Lab Grown Diamond will not, making the HPHT Lab Diamond cheaper than the CVD Lab Grown Diamond.

✥ Customization

↣ We accept customized or personalized orders from our customers.

↣ You can order jewelry in 14K, Yellow Gold or Rose Gold, and White Gold

↣ If you don’t find a perfect ring in the store, just message us with the inspiration image and get a free quote and customization in easy steps

↣ We send CAD ( mockup ) for approval before making the jewelry

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↣ Rush order service available

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